Here approaches the season when leaves fall
To remind us; nothing lasts forever

And this still melancholy is a sign;
It’s the end of all previous endeavors

By footsteps taken on hues of decay
A scent satisfies this restless spirit

By the sunshine on this cage of sadness
A flame too deep inside is again lit

As the wind carries with it the dead leaves
Somehow, it is both gloomy and pleasant

Like the memory of a beloved
Who, for some reason, is here and absent

And as this year smiles for the final time,
Through breezes bidding all the old adieu

Taking away what seasons ere had grown,
It brings new stories to happen to you


Moving On

I’ve been here before many times, my love
Where I would miss what we could not be,

Where I’d miss my sadness in your eyes,
Where I’d miss the way you’d smile at me

But here, I’d tell myself to carry on
Or be met by a sign that points at you

But not this time, my love, I am afraid
For I’m choosing to stay away from you

For there are other sorrows in life
Than the sorrow of unrequited love,

For there are other comforts in life
Than the comfort of your requited love

The trick to life is to never be burnt
But to keep burning to have truly lived

And this very alchemy you have done
Is a gift, a real beloved can give

I don’t need to be happy to have lived
When I am just so comfortably numb,

When even in my loss I have but won,
When I’m satisfied with who I’ve become

When Pain Comes

Each pain’s a messenger I must not miss
So please do keep me awake when they come

Let me listen while they seduce me
While they break the barriers to wisdom

And in the winter of this chosen pain
Let my wounds run dry and cold one by one

Let my beloved visit me where
I am lying in the compassion’s garden

And when I have no more love to offer
Don’t let me depart, for I won’t be done

For I’m afraid, all my songs won’t be sung
And I’ll lose this battle ere it’s begun

And maybe now I should plead to God but
Tell me when was I not pleading to Him?

May I be fearless in facing my pain
May I shine when the roof of stars is dim

The Silence of Night

Listen, my friend, my only confidant
I have to tell you, in love, what is lost

There is a little breath left in me
In the aftermath of paying this love’s cost

When a wound is being healed it starts itching
And with some scratching, I reopen it

For there’s some hope behind the scratching;
A mistaken attempt at curing it

When I am drunk on life’s satisfaction
There is but a great absence inside

For the sight of beloved is stolen
From the depths of my heart where it lied

Had I known what was in my beloved’s heart
My pursuit would have been a success

Now there is only pain and sorrow
To share with you, my friend; the night’s silence


Oh, I have heard a lot about soulmates
That there is someone for everyone,

You question the search for the beloved;
You claim to have been promised a person

Don’t misconstrue the concept of soulmates
It’s not a trophy you get in this life

You are the writer of your destiny
There’s not a destiny without strife

Every person, each love is a struggle
Every time, each moment is the right one

So take a chance and risk it all again,
You may find a cure to this life’s poison

The Moth and Its Beloved

Ask the moth the beauty of the candle
And it will burn without a confession

There is a secret to its longing
For it feels no fear or hesitation

The moth is too much in love with the flame
Yet it does not appear under the sun

For the moon’s light is far too feeble, and
It gave up on its pursuit of the sun

Just a sight of a candle is enough
To remind it of its real beloved

So it settles for that candle in reach,
Revels in its heat, and asks to be burned

The Accusation

I am accused of loving you, my love
How can it be anything but a praise

And I am but pleased when they accuse me
For they speak out your name in their phrase

Not having you, my love, was fate perhaps
But the choice to fall for you was my own

I should not complain about this desire
About facing this trial on my own

New lovers emerge when the old face death
Some may learn from this sorrow as I have

Sorrow, at times, rekindles the heart too
And they may burn in desire as I have