The Journey to God

I have much wondered about the unseen
I have much felt a need to look for You

I have much believed in a lover’s love
I have much relied on intuition too

My realization that I do exist
Has made me realize Your astute design,

The complexity of the universes,
And in the pattern all creations align

Who has but You taught me what I know not
For my soul has knowledge that I learnt not

You gave me divinity I earned not
You gave me a body I respect not

And I fathom why You gave stars a voice
Why You made all the trees to be silent

Why You made the rain this captivating
Why You made the dark to be so violent

And there’s so much more to say to You
That can’t be contained in prayers to You

So let my death be sooner for I’m tired,
I’m tired of not being united with You


The Questions

What’s body but a raiment for the soul?
Is then body pure if the soul is not?

What’s this emptiness but a need for love?
Is then search important or is it not?

What’s morality but a code of life?
Is then conduct good if it fails morals?

What’s love but a ray of acceptance?
Is it then love if it’s conditional?

What’s prayer but an expression of love?
Is it then prayer if it asks for love?

What’s sin but a scar of impurity?
How much of repentance is then behove?

What is this life but a short wait of death?
Is then death not a part of the travel?

What’s soul but a piece of divinity?
Is it not what is divine immortal?

What are these questions but curiosity?
Is then answers of these not satisfying?

What is then the purpose but to fathom?
Is then understanding not fulfilling?

Come Then, Beloved

Come, to put some hope in today’s poison
For the strength to endure the days is lost

Come, to preserve in me the divine fire
For my heart is at a great risk of frost

Come, let’s witness together a sun’s dawn
For all these dawns now feel lonely to me

Come, let’s stargaze together in moon’s light
For all these stars seem less lively to me

Come, walk a road with me with conviction
For all my destinations are upset

Come, walk paths with me I’m afraid to take
For they’ll put distance between us, I fret

Come, beloved, add colour to my world
For everything here appears usual

Come then, beloved, and make me your home
For this heart is but at your disposal

The End

Is this the end of my pursuit of you?
Was this always just another dead end?

What is there to regret anymore?
For I have done all that I did intend

O beloved, I have been your poet
I have been more to you than anyone

And I’m unsure if I could write of love,
If I could be more again to someone

For I am afraid, you would cross my mind
And I would again fall in love with you

But I have grown fluent in the language
That my anguish has endowed me with too

I do not blame you, for you are still lost
I wonder, why you refuse to be found

And I’m keeping my door open for you
Just so you can find me once you are found

The Journey of Love

How beautiful is my own misery
How heartbreaking is this pain I endure

How bluntly I have spoken of my love
How unapologetically sure

How enchantingly do your eyes sparkle
How lovely is the look into your soul

How meaningful is the curve of your smile
How fulfilling it does feel to my soul

How raw are these feelings, these emotions
How deeply I still hold on to them tight

How amazing is the course of this life
How far long til I can finish this flight

How graceful is then indeed my failure
How dignified it is when I, do, quit

How incompatible are these people
How futile it is when I try to fit

I’ve hoped for you to be different and
I’m unsure of falling again in love

So just one last try, perhaps one more cry
To convince you of the wonders of love

Lest You Do Not Come

What is taking you so long, beloved?
For the fire of hope has begun to dim

This heart has given you every excuse
And now it’s just a mere vessel grim

Know, that this heart has no need of you, for
It has pumped before and will continue

Know, that this soul has been ablaze before,
For it is divine and will continue

And the sun will rise all the same my love
And the moon will glow fair all the same too

The shores will still sing their songs aloud
And the breezes will tremble the trees too

Those who wrote about love will not be failed
Their expressions and words will survive

So, beloved, if you choose not to come
I will be but a little less alive

The Blessing and The Curse

Oh writers, oh poets, oh painters hear!
I know you’re inspired by the universe,

You’re burdened to feel a little too much
And it is to you both blessing and curse

You are indebted to create for this world
Without you, it will be deprived of art

And your art is supposed to make all feel
Without you, no one will know their heart

But in all your creation you may feel lost
As if the world is crashing down on you

Fires of passion may become unstable,
This pressure may begin to smother you

So listen to me all of you who create
For it’s you who have made this world better

And let the fires of passion burn you, for
A diamond cannot form without pressure