The Fault

There is but your name that echoes
In the empty halls of a broken heart

A lot has been risked for your presence
But much less has been done on your part

The fault, then, is not in our stars
It’s in the very choices you’ve made

For you prefer inaction over drive
Because you’re tired of love that fades

And I shall seek you endlessly, for
I am a moth, and you’re my flame

Knowing that I’ll burn at your touch
I return, for you’re a fire; untamed

We shall meet again in this life or next
When we’re free from worldly burdens

And I shall remind you of my love
As I know for sure; its win is certain


The Unrequited

Shall I complain about who got away?
Or complain about who was never mine?

For either is of trivial importance
Like droplet of intoxicating wine

So I left for a forgetful evening
In hopes to lament our short fable

And when I protested of this to Him
He is but to you much favorable

What’s wrong with this self-pride I carry?
I was loved by one, who was loved by many

The hours now don’t dare to outrun me
As I wait for you; my doomed destiny

What is Fate?

The pursuit of Philosophy has led me to believe in the existence of God. The universe, however, works on a set pattern and God does not meddle with the affairs of mankind because if he does so then that will qualify as a miracle. Miracles do not happen to people they are just something that people want to believe in to satisfy their supernatural needs.

The set pattern that God has made is done in a language. That language is mathematics. That is why mathematics helps explain the universe and it will continue to do so as it is the absolute language of all. Because 2+2 will always be 4, as it is absolute and not subjective. Now, because mathematics is what everything operates on, the pattern is set since the existence of this universe. This pattern follows the decisions that we make and is shaped by them. If today you do A the results will be different, but if you choose to do B the results will be otherwise. Now the humans can choose A or B and the pattern follows their choice. This pattern is fate. If I were to achieve A then I must do X, Y, and Z. However, if I do L, M, and N, then I will achieve B. Fate only determines the outcome of my choices and that outcome is also determined by my efforts towards my choices.

Sometimes the choice is more flexible and not rigid. Now, we never always know what’s going to happen even though they are all patterns. But the weather is correctly forecasted. Is it not? And we use the same phenomenon in real life too. We know how far that place is on a car and by foot. Now we make a choice to either go by car or go by foot. The results will change as our choices change. They both may take equal time but then that would still be mathematically accurate and hence the fate will be that you were always going to reach this place at a specific time. Because the patterns in the universe are too rigid that either choice will produce the same result.

In short, Fate is a flux determined by our choices. This flux is based on mathematical probability, hence providing zillion possibilities. Our choices can have effects on other people too and even the whole universe. So when people blame fate they are wrong. They should blame their own decisions and their efforts towards the decisions.

The Reason

Why is it arduous to find a reason?
Reason, for my unending love for you

I’ve mistaken you for divinity ere
When you’re a mere human in lieu

I’d long given up hope on love when
We came across for the second time

You were mystifying yet luminous
And you carried prudence in your eyes

I could see how far you’d come in life
By your elegance, you had so refined

You have rekindled the fire in me
And now its flame is evermore divine

Perhaps, it’s your capacity I felt;
To save someone from their unrest

I loved you, as I needed to be saved
But ‘twas futile, as you yourself sought rest

Old Friend

I shall speak of what has still stayed unsaid
The very phenomenon termed as pain

It’s as intense and addictive as love
Hence, able enough to drive one insane

It can be the beginning of wisdom
And it can just be its only restraint

And I am old friends with this pain
For it’s purged my soul from worldly taint

Who knew even pain can be propitious
That it can lead to inner demons’ wane

True that it’s the apex and the nadir;
It either saves a soul or is its bane

The First That Got Away

This is for the first one that got away
This is about that unfortunate love

The one I loved greater than anything
‘Round whom once my entire world revolved

The thief who stole my sleep in the night
The only subject of my thoughts in day

The broken, whom I had so wished to save
Whose soul had to be rescued from awry

And I loved you without a condition
As chaotic as real love should be

But in the end, I had to let you go
As it was needed for your recovery

Leaving can also be an act of love
As this sad tragedy of us has shown

And today, you belong to someone else
A place better than you’ve ever known


It’s the cold winds, it’s the vague skies
It’s the dark nights, it’s December

It’s when the buds begin sprouting
It’s when homes glow with dying embers

It’s the death of bitter old love
It’s for the new flames to sparkle

It’s when matters conclude for good
It’s when new hope sways a mortal

It’s the mornings that crave the sun
It’s the evenings to remember

It’s the month of all upheavals
It is, yours truly, December