The Love II

If you doubt my love for you, beloved
Know that I am not a shallow lover

I cannot bring you the moon or the stars
But my love transcends love of another;

To me, my love, you will never be old
For as luminous will your eyes remain

And it will ever be like my first gaze
Such is how your beauty – I ascertain

If your heart begins to carry burdens
And you begin to feel your soul benight

For you, perhaps, you may become heavy
For me, my love, you will ever be light

You’re unfortunate to be the victim
For this love is only poets’ forte

My soul now solely exists in your awe
While it seeks to enrich its arete


The Love

I am much in love with your broken heart
No place is quite empty yet loveable

I am much in love with your silence too
For it whispers to me its secret fable

I do have so much of you in my heart
That, if something ails you, it ails me too

I do have deeply desired your presence
For I’m drained by the memory of you

If a man lives a life without purpose
He’s already died for a zillion times

And you are one in my trivial life
But I’ve only molded phrases that rhyme

Grief is the price I have paid for this love
Though it has enriched my soul and my wit

The course of true love never runs smoothly
And who wins, only wins due to their grit

Woe Betide You

Woe betide you who betrayed my beloved
Foolish were you to have been unfaithful

My beloved had then built a wall around
In the mere consequence of your betrayal

Many have failed but I have my words,
For poets are known for seductive prowess

Questionable is my status as a poet
Yet deemed one for my limited aptness

For I’ve called my beloved many things
But perhaps, these paeans lack charisma

Or perhaps, my beloved’s grown immune
‘Cause nothing seems to solve this enigma

The Becoming

I write, tonight, for all the broken souls
For the consumed and for the damaged

Only the broken can mend the broken
And so I write for I, too, am ravaged

You decide to push loved ones away
In fear of them breaking down your walls

You shut yourself off and hide yourself
As the sheer darkness of your façade calls

Death is a pleasure that you cannot find
Since you are deprived of all happiness

But here is what you need to know;
You’re deprived due to owning the darkness

The moon stays beautiful with its craters
So why then are you afraid of your scars?

And you think these collapses are your end
But nebulas collapse to become stars.

The First That Got Away

This is for the first one that got away
This is about that unfortunate love

The one I loved greater than anything
‘Round whom once my entire world revolved

The thief who stole my sleep in the night
The only subject of my thoughts in day

The broken, whom I had so wished to save
Whose soul had to be rescued from awry

And I loved you without a condition
As chaotic as real love should be

But in the end, I had to let you go
As it was needed for your recovery

Leaving can also be an act of love
As this sad tragedy of us has shown

And today, you belong to someone else
A place better than you’ve ever known

False Dawn

So he sits in rain to drown in his thoughts
His heart is filled, with doubt and despair

He questions his rebirth, his perfect wings
Asking himself, ‘why his flight had faltered​?’

She was the wind to his mighty ailerons
And he’d blister his fire, all over her sky

The oceans screamed, upon their meeting
The sun shined brighter yet moon was shy

For certain, their love was unparalleled
But maybe it was just another false dawn

He no longer loves her, or maybe he does
For love is so short, forgetting is so long

The Fall

He crashed onto the surface of earth
As his queen had left to his surprise

His flame waning, his valor was bruised
His wings torn by the fall from the skies

He wasn’t hurting, but numb through pain
Lying there in dust, broken and helpless

He needs to find shelter and revive
He needs to find a way out of this mess

The child has now once flown in sky
And he surely knows the might of flight

He longs to return, to be one with wind
To rise above ground, beyond this plight