The First That Got Away

This is for the first one that got away
This is about that unfortunate love

The one I loved greater than anything
‘Round whom once my entire world revolved

The thief who stole my sleep in the night
The only subject of my thoughts in day

The broken, whom I had so wished to save
Whose soul had to be rescued from awry

And I loved you without a condition
As chaotic as real love should be

But in the end, I had to let you go
As it was needed for your recovery

Leaving can also be an act of love
As this sad tragedy of us has shown

And today, you belong to someone else
A place better than you’ve ever known


False Dawn

So he sits in rain to drown in his thoughts
His heart is filled, with doubt and despair

He questions his rebirth, his perfect wings
Asking himself, ‘why his flight had faltered​?’

She was the wind to his mighty ailerons
And he’d blister his fire, all over her sky

The oceans screamed, upon their meeting
The sun shined brighter yet moon was shy

For certain, their love was unparalleled
But maybe it was just another false dawn

He no longer loves her, or maybe he does
For love is so short, forgetting is so long

The Fall

He crashed onto the surface of earth
As his queen had left to his surprise

His flame waning, his valor was bruised
His wings torn by the fall from the skies

He wasn’t hurting, but numb through pain
Lying there in dust, broken and helpless

Though he must find shelter and revive
That he must find a way out of this mess

The child has now once flown in sky
And he surely knows the might of flight

He longs to return, to be one with wind
To rise above ground, beyond this plight

Broken Souls

A broken girl once came across a flawed boy
Two old souls, the way universe had written

She broke through him, gave him a purpose
Reborn and ascended; if his past was unwritten

Making all his days, brighter with her smile,
As if the strength of the sun depended upon it

How can imperfection be loved he thought
How can her love fill his emptiness, bit by bit

But it wasn’t just love, he was her obsession
And like all obsessions, hers came to an end

It’s always the broken who try to fix the others
And they leave, when there isn’t more to mend


One soul filled with despair and remorse;
A beautiful girl, with her dreams broken

Another soul, shattered yet lighthearted;
A boy in love, with his outright devotion.

He sang to her soul his song of freedom,
She craved for him, with her demons dancing

Their love was pristine and unconditional
‘Twas hurting them both, yet complementing.

She was the Phoenix and he was the iron,
But he became steel due to her wild flare

And when she rose from her ashes, anew
She was like wind; everywhere and nowhere.

Nocturnal Lies

A mind in a nocturnal reverie,
The ominous hour ere sunrise

Perpetual variance in notes
A pleasant melody, full of lies

Wretched soul, sleep deprived
Exhaustion of the rheumy eyes

Disentangling the ambivalence,
Hoping for an utter liberation

Perhaps being accustomed to it,
Spurning the needed salvation

The perks of a conflicted soul,
Living by perennial indecisions.