The Coincidences

O beloved, you don’t wish to see me
But the cosmos conspires something else

Don’t you see how our souls keep meeting
Regardless of the time and the place?

The coincidences are mystifying, and
Some are too strange to be mere chance

They are God’s anonymous work, and
Often they’re catalysts to a new romance

O beloved, why must you withhold love?
Why must you hold trivial the mystifying?

You choose not to be vulnerable, and
I do not and will not blame your choosing

For one day, perhaps, you will understand;
These coincidences too have meaning

And if always they mean that I see you
Then, I’d like them to keep happening



Old friend, I am writing to you again
The infamous tale of squandered love

To have my denial broken by myself
To have accepted past for my behove

To have grown into a man of honor
To have embraced the code of chivalry

To have been reborn as a bird of myth
To have caught lies in nightly reverie

Lost myself in this chronic transition
I regret the love wasted, in-between

Who knew life can just be happy or full
If only the great men ere had foreseen

As humbled as I have become due this
I’m failing to see the point of these rhymes

So old friend, do tell me what is better
Death, endured once or a zillion times?