Selfish Love

The day I wrote all my confessions to her
I knew she was it, the love of my odd life

There is a certain elegance to herself
In order to contain her in words, I strife

It’s only her smile that can overwhelm me
I’m moved every time she gazes up at me

It’s hard to fathom how I could love again
Even when universe keeps depriving me

They say a mortal can only take enough
But the soul loves, and isn’t soul eternal?

I dearly wish she loses to me her heart
So that my win at love can be immortal.


One soul filled with despair and remorse;
A beautiful girl, with her dreams broken

Another soul, shattered yet lighthearted;
A boy in love, with his outright devotion.

He sang to her soul his song of freedom,
She craved for him, with her demons dancing

Their love was pristine, and unconditional
‘Twas hurting them both, yet complementing.

She was the phoenix and he was the iron,
But he became steel due to her wild flare

And when she rose from her ashes, anew
She was like wind; everywhere and nowhere.


As his darkest night ended,
He found her in the rays of sun

Cherished the utmost delight
Felt fortunate, survived the stun.

Stared into her darting eyes
Perplexed by her elegancy,

Questioned her charming smile
Lost himself in her delicacy.

She casted a spell on his soul
As the love’s web was spun,

And holds the key to his heart
Oblivious to what she’s done.

The Child of Shadows

In the midst hour of the night,
The moon stared with all its imperfections

The quiet, the calm, the serenity of it,
Just gazing through, being a reflection.

The child of shadows, wandered
Enlightening his soul in the darkness

He devised the alluring and lured it away,
To illuminate him with all its lightness.

Wounds healed without leaving a scar
Has this child lastly found a soulmate?

Not in his wildest dreams he’d known,
The schemes, rendered by the fate.