Becoming Self-Sufficient

How usual it is that we seek the approval of others and crave their opinions about the things that happen to us in our daily lives. The root of this is the self-doubt; the lack of belief in ourselves and in our capabilities. The more people you meet the more you will realize that everyone is looking for someone to tell them, to assure them that they are doing good in life to satisfy their own souls.

It is true that we are capable of doing whatever we want to do if we just put our minds to it. 

Allowing people to know everything about you just to hear them say that you’re doing okay or what you should do next is not the right way to go about it. These people will tell you how life is about creating yourself and other clichéd phrases which have no practical meaning. You must avoid that at all cost. All the success stories have only one thing in common i.e. successful people became successful by making the right decision in their given circumstances.

Whatever your gut tells you is based on whatever is happening around you. No matter how well you explain it to someone they will probably never fully understand what you really feel about something. Your analysis of the situation, that you are in, matter the most. Now, of course, by analysis, I mean reasoning logically in your own head on the issue or the problem that you’re faced with. This should not be, in any way, confused with acting purely on impulses.

In any given situation, think logically about the best choice or decision that you can make and you will always come out on top. Create scenarios in your head; if you do this then what will happen, and if you do that what will happen then, and through this process find the best possible option for yourself.

The ability to think and devise the right manner to deal with a situation is not simple, and surely, we will make mistakes but that is important. As it will allow us to crash and once we crash, we will learn to pick ourselves up. Hence, we will evolve and we will become the better versions of ourselves. And this can only be done alone because we need time to ourselves to do the thinking and no one else will do it for us, as they will only associate it with their experiences and hence risk leading us awry.




Old friend, I am writing to you again
The infamous tale of squandered love

To have my denial broken by myself
To have accepted past for my behove

To have grown into a man of honor
To have embraced the code of chivalry

To have been reborn as a bird of myth
To have caught lies in nightly reverie

Lost myself in this chronic transition
I regret the love wasted, in-between

Who knew life can just be happy or full
If only the great men ere had foreseen

As humbled as I have become due this
I’m failing to see the point of these rhymes

So old friend, do tell me what is better
Death, endured once or a zillion times?

The Void

Spending years without making memories
Telling oneself it won’t matter due arrogance

Believing that growth isn’t chronological,
That time can be skipped, avoiding aberrance.

Not knowing it may cause emptiness in soul
A void that is indeed older than the time

A man must embrace past to move forward
The way, roots grow first to build the stem

Because some things have a higher meaning
And if past is unembraced, then it plagues

The time gone by is a dangerous thing if
Ignored, it doesn’t catch up, it overtakes.