The Stranger

The day of a union has passed, my love
You’ve on your hands a decision to make

It’s a privilege to have shared a moment
Without having any promise to break

I respect much, the time you require
And I’m in no haste to be united

I’ve sought you for as long as I recall
I am, already, far too benighted

You’re undecided and it is but wise
As you resist, for it may endanger

I know surely you’re thinking of me, for
I am strange, and you’re kind to the stranger



Life’s unending conflict remains
How long shall I function with it?

The want differs from what seems best
Its outcome remain unknown yet

I have tried to devise a right path
To outdo hindrances and despair

My countless sins put me to shame
Oh, how low could I bow in prayer?

How fortunate would’ve life been
If one found both love and work

So neither one make his work, love
Nor would one make his love, work

Poor am I to divide my attention
Some for love, and some for work

All I fear is; through exhaustion,
I may just stop pursuing this quirk.