It’s said that life’s about creating one’s self
A beautiful lie, the words of folly

As life’s a discovery made alone
A journey traveled solitarily

If we walk alone, we fall, but to rise
Therefore, who doesn’t fall, does not rise

And so I chose to set out on this path;
The passage with footsteps of men so wise

Listen well, as I speak of my upsurge;
For I’m a lover, without a lover

I am a flame, without a combustion
I am a novice, without a mentor

I am a healer, without a wounded
I am a winner, without a trophy

I’m a captain, without a devotee
And above all, I’m alone – not lonely


The Vow

I write, in the name of my beloved
The one who I found on an open knoll

Whose attention caused dire consequences
Reigniting asleep flames of my soul

I speak of what saves, yet has destroyed me
I speak of my unparalleled devotion

I speak of the sole purpose of this life
I speak of a misunderstood notion

I have much recognized your decision
And hold it in deference to my rue

You pursue the unrequited for one
And I pursue the unrequited for you

Lest you become weary along the way
Just know that I will forever seek you

So I make a promise to be your home;
Vow, to which I shall ever remain true


We all find someone to lose ourselves in
And thus we lose fragments of us in them

Then they leave us and take our pieces too
So we search for lost parts, our lives; glum

And I’d lost so many bits over time,
I didn’t remember who I used to be

I had lost too much to lose anymore
Even cosmos wanted me to find me

Hence, you came to make me rediscover
As, in you, somehow, I couldn’t lose me

I only saw a perfect me in you, and
The more I loved you the more I found me

Burned with Desire

Ever since I became a proponent,
I have but lost my only argument

There is something new I now long for
A desire, however, impertinent

To ask you, if my efforts weren’t enough?
Or was my love overwhelming for you?

Or was I erroneous to stare with my soul?
Or was it darkness I bore that scared you?

But the answers to these will be futile
As I’d have to forget you, regardless

I’ve adjourned a case in your name ere
And I close another to end this mess

My love for you enriches day by day
It is but a truth of this life, and thus;

Sadly, we love the people the most,
Especially when they do not want us

The Pacifist

Why does the inner-self feel sated?
Why is there no void anymore?

The ambivalence is untangled,
I have no time for love anymore

The work has won all my attention
Even when it costs me happiness

Life can either be happy or full;
And work ensures a certain fullness

Unrequited love made me happy;
So perhaps, I’m a mere masochist

Love before, now work as punishment
Though in dire need of a pacifist.

Talk of the Town

Do you remember how the sun, set
On the occasion, we last conversed?

First, it hid behind some lousy clouds
As I was uttering my dying words

Then, out it came with a shiny glare
As I grasped the truth of your beauty

‘Twas nothing but my own reflection
To my surprise and curiosity.

Now the sun’s told our tale to this town
And I heard how it had made you smile

So if the thought of me drew a smile
Then, I have mastered true lover’s guile


Tonight, I am bidding goodbye to you
Who has had a special place in my heart

Tonight, your memory will be at peace
As I close this chapter for a new start

Tonight, I’ll let go of all my regrets
As I never lost my chance to express

Tonight, I’ll wake up from this reverie
As I’ve concluded this terrible mess

Tonight, I’ll accept my awful failure
As I have found the grace in my failings

And tonight, I’ll not wince nor cry aloud
Because, tonight, I feel content within