O Beloved

Do not ask me questions about longing
Gaze into my eyes and you’ll understand

How would you know what faithful love is like
It’s not known to the uninitiated

Do you approve of this madness of mine
Who can stay sane at the curve of your lips

And like all the other celestial forms
Will, in your heart, my love someday eclipse

Do let me have your listening silence
I have talked to the darkness for so long

Deprive me of my words, O beloved
I have said the unsaid for far too long


The Thought

From meadows afar, over the still streams
A wave has come bearing the thought of you

Beneath the crying sky that fails to soak me
I’m once again soaked by this thought of you

No rose, no rainbow could lessen my grief
Except my eyes fed on your peerless eyes

My soul has felt all sadness in your love
And it’s called you names in many a rhyme

I had hoped the pain would lose its sting but
I’ve forgotten how my heart will beat then

Never will come a time to bid farewell
Yet a time shall come I sleep in peace when

But, tonight your thought will keep lingering
This flame of sadness will tremble all night

I’ll look for you in things that surround me
My heart will again roam your streets all night

At The Journey’s End

There is but a knot tied before time
That surely binds you and me, beloved

Why else would this heart hold on to this love
When alone these roads were to be traveled

But journeys do end as the lovers meet
And a new beginning is beckoning

What does it matter if the roads split us
As long as you and I will be meeting

I have to walk with the anguish of hope
My aching is the price of our meeting

And the poison of our separation
Will sure help with this journey’s shortening

The Affliction

Know, O Beloved, I’m still holding on
For this love feels unusual to me

It’s an affliction – a forever love
And tonight, my heart feels much too heavy

I see a dawn in the curve of your lips
Your eyes, my love, do smile differently

It’s in the way your voice soothes my soul, and
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be

What else could I have done is the question
That will, till my last breath, surely haunt me

I am not short on things to brood over
The thought of your absence will consume me

But, know that I have not loved you with eyes
Thus, my love, you shall never leave my heart

And I shall never get to say goodbye
For I will keep meeting you in my heart

I’ve written much about you, beloved
My words have indeed immortalized you

If you can’t accept my love as a gift
Accept these words that I have given you

Deep down I know you’re not incapable
For the love you can offer has spoken

And I would accept it in a heartbeat
Even if it makes me much more broken

But you know it would be unfair to me
Hence why you insist to keep this distance

But what good has distance done, beloved
Nothing is achieved with this resistance

Instead, you’ve pushed away an odd lover
One who didn’t for your beauty love you

This kind of love is much liberating
Yet I think it is what’s smothering you

I have only come here to see you laugh
And to nourish you, and to adore you

To keep your essence pure, to keep you-you
Perhaps, my love’s depth is far beyond you

And that is such a disappointing thought
But it is for me to live with, my love

And should you ever look out your window
You shall find me looking for you, my love

The World I Know

The world I know has succumbed to darkness
And now there is no path to be seen

I walk heavily, aimlessly in dust
As if by some wine this body careens

Your longing, your memory is carried
In the river, where my heart’s swallowed

Where stories of anguish are retold
Where tales of my sorrow have echoed

Death has never come when it is welcomed
And despite many pleads He does not hear

So I’m waiting for a little longer
For a dawn may come, a spring may be near

When even the moon is tired of my pain
When my eyes drunk of darkness are restored

When both of my feet find some steady ground
When this body does become its own ward

When my heart finally lands somewhere
When all the lamentations are finished

When I do not welcome death anymore
When my pleads of death to Him are finished

So let candles burn out and turn lamps off
For neither of them have replaced the sun

Let the sun then rise, and let me rise too
Let the birds sing, let a new life happen

Let the spring come, let all the flowers bloom
Let a breeze wander, let the rain fall too

Let me speak of love, let me praise my muse
Let me combine words, and let me rhyme too

The Hour

The hour I feared has come, beloved
As I’ve begun to slowly forget you

For the sun’s redness is lost in the dusk
And the birds have stopped chirping songs for you

If I were to light candles in your wait
At some time, my love, they will burn out too

For deep down, I know you will never come
And wait for new dawn will start again too

Now the colour of your eyes is fading
From the memory, I have held too dear,

And I miss how your pupils would dilate
And how I would stand far and still be near

My dreams can no longer consist of you
As I lie ‘wake in the endless darkness,

For my soul is afraid to leave this bod
For it knows it may find death in stillness

Thus, beloved, do not let me forget
Find me before I leave this town for sure

Then tell me you and I are possible
So that we can then be each other’s cure

The Journey to God

I have much wondered about the unseen
I have much felt a need to look for You

I have much believed in a lover’s love
I have much relied on intuition too

My realization that I do exist
Has made me realize Your astute design,

The complexity of the universes,
And in the pattern all creations align

Who has but You taught me what I know not
For my soul has knowledge that I learnt not

You gave me divinity I earned not
You gave me a body I respect not

And I fathom why You gave stars a voice
Why You made all the trees to be silent

Why You made the rain this captivating
Why You made the dark to be so violent

And there’s so much more to say to You
That can’t be contained in prayers to You

So let my death be sooner for I’m tired,
I’m tired of not being united with You