The Whims of Love

What is the unknown source of this courage?
From where do I get this hope in my heart?

This love must be real to last this long
Faithful are my vows, delicate is my heart

It seems nothing but a conspiracy
Of every speck in the whole cosmos

I’m cursed for being unwillingly involved
For I have now made my home in morose

All these grief-stricken nights are perverse
It would hurt less to walk on hot embers

I cannot succumb to those hindrances
I’m deft and driven, I must remember

He is a genius to have designed love
For it’s a flame not lit nor doused by will

Fortunate are those who are loved back
Even fortunate those whose love is cul


The News

I wonder if the news has reached you,
Of my heart’s current disposition

For it hopes for you to find me, and
Hasn’t given up on that ambition

It trusts what great men ere have said
And hence it believes love alters not,

Love differs not between life and death,
And in what one seeks is seeking it

Thus, it beats for you same as ever,
It cares not about living or dying

And it knows you are a believer, for
You trust too in the power of seeking

So I wonder if the news reached you
Of my heart’s current disposition

For it knows that you will find me then
And lives on, just for that occasion

The Keeper

Although I do not see you, I love you
If I see you I’d have to see you smile

For no smile is much surreptitious
And no one, have I loved more erstwhile

My struggle is harsh and return is vague
And my journey and harbor is passion

The unchanging earth has drained my soul
And life among people lacks compassion

Before I leave, I wish to see you once
So that I can carry your smile with me

If my hands get bloody, my soul tainted
In that dark hour will your smile save me

I’m afraid of going too far to return;
For I’ll become heavy and immobile

But I will love you in this fire and blood
And I will be the keeper of your smile.

The Wound

There is no resolution to be sought
For a matter as much obscure as this

I still crave for signs in your direction
For ignorance is anything but bliss

Perhaps something does come out of despair
As I’ve written many paeans for you

But what indeed is their worth, when
The only poem I want to write is you

With time I find myself more damaged
As if I have lost all that I have been

And from where should the light enter, for
The wound of my heart cannot be seen

To Be or Not To Be

To be, or not to be, is the sole question
To choose sleep of death or the wake of life

For it is unknown how death may treat us,
But who’d rather suffer this weary life

The foolish moans about life’s unfairness,
But the wise have trained to suffer in quiet

For the wise is in love with fruit it bears,
And the foolish is, but, restless in wait

The foolish interprets death as a dread,
But the wise know it to be a haven

For the wise craves lasting rest it offers,
And the foolish is oblivious and a craven

Thus, who doesn’t love life is afraid of life,
And who doesn’t love death is afraid of death

Ergo, foolish never live where wise thrives,
And foolish avoids but wise welcomes death

The Purpose

Whenever I think of letting you go
The compelled universe sends a sign

As if I’m destined to wait forever
And my feelings are meant to stay entwined

What agenda does this universe have?
What game is it I am oblivious to?

For you have vowed to alienate yourself
From all desire and passion – a coup

Much enervating is this mere practice
Yet it breathes more life into this carcass

This conflict bears a striking resemblance
To a time of suffering and sheer darkness

But I know, I would have it all with you
And it’s too much risk for the universe

As this would mean it has lost its lover
And so it controls this unending curse

This is then my only presumed purpose
To carry on, with the unrequited

And I will take much pride in this one day
When I own flames, in you, reignited

The Wait

Much time has been devoted to you
To the memory, I hold too dear

The memory of all moments spent
Regardless of you being away or here

Verily, I am but a mere thought
And I have met you in thought too

Only your presence is what I crave
A simple desire, long overdue

So they tell me, I must look away
But I can’t lose, what I know of you

Find me, as time is a luxury
For I wait, under this naïve moon