Our Salvation

Your heart is wild and I wish to roam free
For your complexity does enchant me

We are who we choose to be, beloved
And I accept what you desire to be

I am in love with your scars and your wounds
For all these ruins are but poetry to me

I grew up surrounded by broken things;
They taught me lessons of love and beauty

In my journey, I’m still walking alone
And you are but a sweet recurring dream

What you have loved and lost does not restrict
You to allow love, again, of extremes

Allow me to acquaint you with the night
And let’s rename the stars in night’s starred face

Allow me to drown you in this love’s rain
And let’s shed our last tears with utmost grace


Room of Gloom

Through my window in my room, I can see
A divine light that reaches out to me

All things tender and of beauty come here
In my room of such gloom to cry to me

Why does every being crave another being?
What is this huge void that needs to be filled?

What’s a man if he doesn’t know his soul?
For without it, how can life be fulfilled?

What good are soulmates if they never meet?
And what good is life if it’s unfulfilled?

Complexity makes all things beautiful
And those who understand this have love build

These somber birds of these ghastly cages
They mutter what they loved and lost to me

I know not what to tell them when they come
To my room of such gloom to cry to me

The Touch

You have the entire world at your feet
And you’re oblivious to it – what a shame

If I had it my way I would show you
How everything does shiver by your name

You have chosen not to let me tell you
That I love you before you go to sleep

And neither have you let me hold you to
Feel all the wounds that are cut in so deep

All things change at the touch of a lover
And for you, this change will be of healing

You said you have your heart lost somewhere
But my eyes will only aid the searching

My Murderess

In your town, I have roamed around before
On silent roads and adjacent meadows

To sit alone for the moon to rise
For your image to gleam in each shadow

As night ascends, all these constellations
Fill in the darkness to garnish the sky

And a pleasant breeze pierces through gently
As if there is mention of love nearby

All these people have only one question
How long can my heart bear this affliction?

But who will then love your soul like I do?
And who will inhabit such conviction?

It is far beyond their understanding
What I’m to tell of the source of this hope

For what do they know my murderess has,
In a quiver, burning arrows of hope

The Silence

The words a tongue is unable to say
Are squandered frivolously from the eyes

So am I wrong to avoid meeting you
Just to protect what belongs in the guise?

There’s a secret sadness to my silence
For I am holding too much love in me

Sage of old held desire as suffering
But suffering is desire as known to me

For suffering has made me who I am
And in it, I have found an elegance

Love surely is the greatest sacrifice
And in it, man finds the most happiness

My sole purpose has been to seek knowledge
But I have not abandoned love at all

I’m waiting to unite with you to claim
That I’ve striven for happiness at all

The Love II

If you doubt my love for you, beloved
Know that I am not a shallow lover

I cannot bring you the moon or the stars
But my love transcends love of another;

To me, my love, you will never be old
For as luminous will your eyes remain

And it will ever be like my first gaze
Such is how your beauty – I ascertain

If your heart begins to carry burdens
And you begin to feel your soul benight

For you, perhaps, you may become heavy
For me, my love, you will ever be light

You’re unfortunate to be the victim
For this love is only poets’ forte

My soul now solely exists in your awe
While it seeks to enrich its arete

The Pursuit’s End

Much has been said about intuition;
The very inspirations of the soul

And I am a believer in them, for
They have indeed led me to your extol

O beloved, I urge you to believe
For the mind is incapable of love

Love’s a feeling, feelings are for the soul
And merely for your heart’s behoove

O beloved, I’m compelled to say this
For my soul understands your silence

I know surely you are much conflicted
But it’s time to rise above this silence

My pursuit has lasted for far too long;
My heart’s inclination does not sheer

There’s but a little more of waiting left
For my pursuit’s end does seem near