The Wait

Much time has been devoted to you
To the memory, I hold too dear

The memory of all moments spent
Regardless of you being away or here

Verily, I am but a mere thought
And I have met you in thought too

Only your presence is what I crave
A simple desire, long overdue

So they tell me, I must look away
But I can’t lose, what I know of you

Find me, as time is a luxury
For I wait, under this naïve moon



It’s said that life’s about creating one’s self
A beautiful lie, the words of folly

As life’s a discovery made alone
A journey traveled solitarily

If we walk alone, we fall, but to rise
Therefore, who doesn’t fall, does not rise

And so I chose to set out on this path;
The passage with footsteps of men so wise

Listen well, as I speak of my upsurge;
For I’m a lover, without a lover

I am a flame, without a combustion
I am a novice, without a mentor

I am a healer, without a wounded
I am a winner, without a trophy

I’m a captain, without a devotee
And above all, I’m alone – not lonely


There is a path for all that lives
Yet no one follows the righteous

I’ve committed sins, been led astray
By those, I’ve loved ever timeless

I can keep digging my way to hell
Because it seems all too familiar

Perhaps, it’s not late to atone, so
I shall opt a path to help recover

But I will not leave my darkness
As it’s the only home I’ve known

And I’ll again find courage to love
A feeling, I’m determined to hone.



Life’s unending conflict remains
How long shall I function with it?

The want differs from what seems best
Its outcome remain unknown yet

I have tried to devise a right path
To outdo hindrances and despair

My countless sins put me to shame
Oh, how low could I bow in prayer?

How fortunate would’ve life been
If one found both love and work

So neither one make his work, love
Nor would one make his love, work

Poor am I to divide my attention
Some for love, and some for work

All I fear is; through exhaustion,
I may just stop pursuing this quirk.

False Dawn

So he sits in rain to drown in his thoughts
His heart is filled, with doubt and despair

He questions his rebirth, his perfect wings
Asking himself, ‘why his flight had faltered​?’

She was the wind to his mighty ailerons
And he’d blister his fire, all over her sky

The oceans screamed, upon their meeting
The sun shined brighter yet moon was shy

For certain, their love was unparalleled
But maybe it was just another false dawn

He no longer loves her, or maybe he does
For love is so short, forgetting is so long


When born again of fire; ascended
He flew with passion and desire

In the midst of clouds, he found her
Like a revelation, as birds conspire

She was peace, a rose, the wine
Her heart; warm, unable to hate

For she was like a summer’s day
Not gloom for him to illuminate

Love urged her to embrace the dark
So she became one with the night

He kneels to her, calls her queen
Unleashing his blaze in all his might