The Thought

From meadows afar, over the still streams
A wave has come bearing the thought of you

Beneath the crying sky that fails to soak me
I’m once again soaked by this thought of you

No rose, no rainbow could lessen my grief
Except my eyes fed on your peerless eyes

My soul has felt all sadness in your love
And it’s called you names in many a rhyme

I had hoped the pain would lose its sting but
I’ve forgotten how my heart will beat then

Never will come a time to bid farewell
Yet a time shall come I sleep in peace when

But, tonight your thought will keep lingering
This flame of sadness will tremble all night

I’ll look for you in things that surround me
My heart will again roam your streets all night


Therefore I Sink

There is some waiting I have to do
And I’m beside myself in this waiting

I know life doesn’t end without you
I seek your presence in this wandering

There is a certain grief in your eyes
One that speaks to me at our unions

It seems you’ve learned to embrace it
For it only makes you more human

Often I feel you want to find me too
But perhaps it is my wishful thinking

I’m burdened in this pursuit to love you
For I love, and therefore I’m sinking

Becoming Self-Sufficient

How usual it is that we seek the approval of others and crave their opinions about the things that happen to us in our daily lives. The root of this is the self-doubt; the lack of belief in ourselves and in our capabilities. The more people you meet the more you will realize that everyone is looking for someone to tell them, to assure them that they are doing good in life to satisfy their own souls.

It is true that we are capable of doing whatever we want to do if we just put our minds to it. 

Allowing people to know everything about you just to hear them say that you’re doing okay or what you should do next is not the right way to go about it. These people will tell you how life is about creating yourself and other clichéd phrases which have no practical meaning. You must avoid that at all cost. All the success stories have only one thing in common i.e. successful people became successful by making the right decision in their given circumstances.

Whatever your gut tells you is based on whatever is happening around you. No matter how well you explain it to someone they will probably never fully understand what you really feel about something. Your analysis of the situation, that you are in, matter the most. Now, of course, by analysis, I mean reasoning logically in your own head on the issue or the problem that you’re faced with. This should not be, in any way, confused with acting purely on impulses.

In any given situation, think logically about the best choice or decision that you can make and you will always come out on top. Create scenarios in your head; if you do this then what will happen, and if you do that what will happen then, and through this process find the best possible option for yourself.

The ability to think and devise the right manner to deal with a situation is not simple, and surely, we will make mistakes but that is important. As it will allow us to crash and once we crash, we will learn to pick ourselves up. Hence, we will evolve and we will become the better versions of ourselves. And this can only be done alone because we need time to ourselves to do the thinking and no one else will do it for us, as they will only associate it with their experiences and hence risk leading us awry.


The Wait

Much time has been devoted to you
To the memory, I hold too dear

The memory of all moments spent
Regardless of you being away or here

Verily, I am but a mere thought
And I have met you in thought too

Only your presence is what I crave
A simple desire, long overdue

So they tell me, I must look away
But I can’t lose, what I know of you

Find me, as time is a luxury
For I wait, under this naïve moon


It’s said that life’s about creating one’s self
A beautiful lie, the words of folly

As life’s a discovery made alone
A journey traveled solitarily

If we walk alone, we fall, but to rise
Therefore, who doesn’t fall, does not rise

And so I chose to set out on this path;
The passage with footsteps of men so wise

Listen well, as I speak of my upsurge;
For I’m a lover, without a lover

I am a flame, without a combustion
I am a novice, without a mentor

I am a healer, without a wounded
I am a winner, without a trophy

I’m a captain, without a devotee
And above all, I’m alone – not lonely


There is a path for all that lives
Yet no one follows the righteous

I’ve committed sins, been led astray
By those, I’ve loved ever timeless

I can keep digging my way to hell
Because it seems all too familiar

Perhaps, it’s not late to atone, so
I shall opt a path to help recover

But I will not leave my darkness
As it’s the only home I’ve known

And I’ll again find courage to love
A feeling, I’m determined to hone.



Life’s unending conflict remains
How long shall I function with it?

The want differs from what seems best
Its outcome remain unknown yet

I have tried to devise a right path
To outdo hindrances and despair

My countless sins put me to shame
Oh, how low could I bow in prayer?

How fortunate would’ve life been
If one found both love and work

So neither one make his work, love
Nor would one make his love, work

Poor am I to divide my attention
Some for love, and some for work

All I fear is; through exhaustion,
I may just stop pursuing this quirk.