The Whims of Love

What is the unknown source of this courage?
From where do I get this hope in my heart?

This love must be real to last this long
Faithful are my vows, delicate is my heart

It seems nothing but a conspiracy
Of every speck in the whole cosmos

I’m cursed for being unwillingly involved
For I have now made my home in morose

All these grief-stricken nights are perverse
It would hurt less to walk on hot embers

I cannot succumb to those hindrances
I’m deft and driven, I must remember

He is a genius to have designed love
For it’s a flame not lit nor doused by will

Fortunate are those who are loved back
Even fortunate those whose love is cul


The Purpose

Whenever I think of letting you go
The compelled universe sends a sign

As if I’m destined to wait forever
And my feelings are meant to stay entwined

What agenda does this universe have?
What game is it I am oblivious to?

For you have vowed to alienate yourself
From all desire and passion – a coup

Much enervating is this mere practice
Yet it breathes more life into this carcass

This conflict bears a striking resemblance
To a time of suffering and sheer darkness

But I know, I would have it all with you
And it’s too much risk for the universe

As this would mean it has lost its lover
And so it controls this unending curse

This is then my only presumed purpose
To carry on, with the unrequited

And I will take much pride in this one day
When I own flames, in you, reignited

What is Fate?

The pursuit of Philosophy has led me to believe in the existence of God. The universe, however, works on a set pattern and God does not meddle with the affairs of mankind because if he does so then that will qualify as a miracle. Miracles do not happen to people they are just something that people want to believe in to satisfy their supernatural needs.

The set pattern that God has made is done in a language. That language is mathematics. That is why mathematics helps explain the universe and it will continue to do so as it is the absolute language of all. Because 2+2 will always be 4, as it is absolute and not subjective. Now, because mathematics is what everything operates on, the pattern is set since the existence of this universe. This pattern follows the decisions that we make and is shaped by them. If today you do A the results will be different, but if you choose to do B the results will be otherwise. Now the humans can choose A or B and the pattern follows their choice. This pattern is fate. If I were to achieve A then I must do X, Y, and Z. However, if I do L, M, and N, then I will achieve B. Fate only determines the outcome of my choices and that outcome is also determined by my efforts towards my choices.

Sometimes the choice is more flexible and not rigid. Now, we never always know what’s going to happen even though they are all patterns. But the weather is correctly forecasted. Is it not? And we use the same phenomenon in real life too. We know how far that place is on a car and by foot. Now we make a choice to either go by car or go by foot. The results will change as our choices change. They both may take equal time but then that would still be mathematically accurate and hence the fate will be that you were always going to reach this place at a specific time. Because the patterns in the universe are too rigid that either choice will produce the same result.

In short, Fate is a flux determined by our choices. This flux is based on mathematical probability, hence providing zillion possibilities. Our choices can have effects on other people too and even the whole universe. So when people blame fate they are wrong. They should blame their own decisions and their efforts towards the decisions.

Selfish Love

The day I wrote all my confessions to her
I knew she was it, the love of my odd life

There is a certain elegance to herself
In order to contain her in words, I strife

It’s only her smile that can overwhelm me
I’m moved every time she gazes up at me

It’s hard to fathom how I could love again
Even when universe keeps depriving me

They say a mortal can only take enough
But the soul loves, and isn’t soul eternal?

I dearly wish she loses to me her heart
So that my win at love can be immortal.

Broken Souls

A broken girl once came across a flawed boy
Two old souls, the way universe had written

She broke through him, gave him a purpose
Reborn and ascended; if his past was unwritten

Making all his days, brighter with her smile,
As if the strength of the sun depended upon it

How can imperfection be loved he thought
How can her love fill his emptiness, bit by bit

But it wasn’t just love, he was her obsession
And like all obsessions, hers came to an end

It’s always the broken who try to fix the others
And they leave, when there isn’t more to mend