The Blessing and The Curse

Oh writers, oh poets, oh painters hear!
I know you’re inspired by the universe,

You’re burdened to feel a little too much
And it is to you both blessing and curse

You are indebted to create for this world
Without you, it will be deprived of art

And your art is supposed to make all feel
Without you, no one will know their heart

But in all your creation you may feel lost
As if the world is crashing down on you

Fires of passion may become unstable,
This pressure may begin to smother you

So listen to me all of you who create
For it’s you who have made this world better

And let the fires of passion burn you, for
A diamond cannot form without pressure


My Sadness

In all your indications you’ve shown love
What has compelled you to withhold it then?

Perhaps, he still courses through your veins
Or what would keep you so afraid then?

In my seemingly endless wait, my love
The lamp has burned in every color

There should be a limit to my suffering
As I’m a sinner, not a disbeliever

From the inevitable death, I’m safe
After all, my purpose is unfulfilled

The pain goes so far that it cures itself
My heart is with dissatisfaction filled

You know no one will ever love you more
And I know I will not love ever more

So look for my heart beneath the ashes
If this unrequited burns me to core

Your Sadness

The heavens today are all filled with gloom
For your brave heart is but restless tonight

What pledge of a tomorrow can be made?
What little hope can, console you tonight?

If I were sure of the weight of my words
I would sing you songs all gentle and sweet

Of the advent of dawn and of moonlight,
Of the fortunate love and of heartbeats

But what good are scars if they do not ache?
And what good are eyes if they do not weep?

What good is desire if it does not hurt?
What good is a passion if it stays ‘sleep?

Your cage is at your command, beloved
The fire in this hour will set you free

Offer thanks to the wetness of your eyes
Offer thanks and not an apology

You shall see the light hidden in this hour
You shall see the star that shines tomorrow

You shall see you have become whole again
And we shall discuss our love tomorrow

The Meeting

There is a distance that lays between us
One, not of the miles but of the time

For since the miles can always be outrun
But all bows to the rigidness of time

These rheumy eyes have desired of you
For they’ve missed a look into your soul

A few more days of complaining are left
A few more days ’til my heart feels whole

For when I meet you, this love is renewed
It is indeed much heavy, this pleasure

Tell me what really this sorcery is
To which exists not a countermeasure

Do Not Ask Me

Do not ask me why I have loved you much
For the right answer has not yet been found

Do not ask me why I’ve not given up
For in this love I have been far too drowned

Do not ask me how long I have waited
For your image has now started to fade

Do not ask me how those nights have gone by
For gloomy is your absence has me made

My poetry has been engraved with your name
And my heart is by your memory scarred

It is mysterious, this world of tears
For the entrance to it has me but barred

This love has chained me down oppressively
What’s oppression to a rebel at heart?

My love, I wish you were not so naïve
For by now I’d have someone else’s heart

If you ever begin to look for me
Do look in the saddest of all places

When that day finally comes, beloved
It will destroy my darkness’s braces

I’ll let your hands find where my heart is,
Where scars are and where it’s broken

So you can for once fully understand
Why I have spoken what I have spoken

The Coincidences

O beloved, you don’t wish to see me
But the cosmos conspires something else

Don’t you see how our souls keep meeting
Regardless of the time and the place?

The coincidences are mystifying, and
Some are too strange to be mere chance

They are God’s anonymous work, and
Often they’re catalysts to a new romance

O beloved, why must you withhold love?
Why must you hold trivial the mystifying?

You choose not to be vulnerable, and
I do not and will not blame your choosing

For one day, perhaps, you will understand;
These coincidences too have meaning

And if always they mean that I see you
Then, I’d like them to keep happening

The Whims of Love

What is the unknown source of this courage?
From where do I get this hope in my heart?

This love must be real to last this long
Faithful are my vows, delicate is my heart

It seems nothing but a conspiracy
Of every speck in the whole cosmos

I’m cursed for being unwillingly involved
For I have now made my home in morose

All these grief-stricken nights are perverse
It would hurt less to walk on hot embers

I cannot succumb to those hindrances
I’m deft and driven, I must remember

He is a genius to have designed love
For it’s a flame not lit nor doused by will

Fortunate are those who are loved back
Even fortunate those whose love is cul